Thank you for a successful Kickstarter!

We would like to thank our 611 Kickstarter backers for their enthusiasm and support; without them this project could not have happened. We did not expect this amount of success, so it was very exciting to see that there were so many people who wanted to support our RPG stamp idea. We even got a lot of new ideas from our community; the “Welcome to” stamp was an idea suggested to us by one of our backers when we put out a poll to see what new stamps everyone wanted unlocked!

We launched the Kickstarter in late September 2018, after preparing art and assets for months. And now in February 2019 we have just shipping thousands of stamps, stickers, and journals to over 600 people around the world! Whew.

We have many ideas in the works, and we can’t wait to share them with you :)

Brenda HoWeird WorksComment