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Rest In Peace Stamps

Our stamp style: "R.I.P." was originally designed to commemorate character deaths in 0-Level Dungeon Crawl Classics "Funnel" games. Players get a stamp to not only indicate a character has died, but also an epitaph so that they will be remembered for how they lived (and what stopped them from living!) This makes a fun souvenir for players at cons, and a unique keepsake for new and experienced DCC players alike. 

In less lethal campaigns, this could be used to mark the defeat of a major opponent, or the death of a major ally NPC.


You Have Survived Stamps

In testing, we've found "You Have Survived" stamps to be a great way to track encounters and experience across game sessions. Each time players survive an encounter, pass the stamp around with a description of the encounter "Hag's Hollow", "The Oni's Deathtrap", "Owlbear Mama", etc. Players can mark their experience or any other relevant notes.


Quest Complete Stamps…

Quests are close-to-universal in fantasy RPGs, so we thought it would be a good idea to include this as our third stamp. Players can mark information about the quest, and any experience, titles, or treasure earned.