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about our goods

We create tabletop gaming accessories and other geeky goods. Our RPG stamps were 100% funded on Kickstarter in 24 hours, and the positive feedback from our backers has been amazing. We have more ideas in the works, including RPG modules, accessories, and other fun ways to enhance your tabletop gaming experience.


rpg stamps

commemorate campaign events



record your adventures


sticker sheets

colorful stickers for fun


dice bags

handmade with a custom fabric


character sheets

free downloadable character sheets!


our fabric

sew nice

rpg stamps

Our RPG stamps can be used during your campaign to mark important events during play. “You Have Survived” stamps mark the end of successful combat encounters. “Quest Complete” stamps celebrate the completion of a goal. “R.I.P.” stamps mark the death of a character; useful whether you want to honor their life, or gleefully stamping out a player’s hopes and dreams. The “Wizard’s Spellbook” is for whatever you can think of, and the “Welcome To…” stamp is great for adventuring parties discovering new places.


devilish designers & creepy creators

Weird Works is an LA based two-person company born out of a passion for tabletop and board games. Brenda is the creative designer & illustrator, while Thom is the product developer & Kickstarter expert. They both DM and play D&D, DCC, board games, and paint miniatures. Brenda lives with her two cats and enjoys the outdoors. Thom and his wife JiYoung collect art, have an adorable baby boy, and frequent museums.